It's our fifth year winning Southern Living Magazine's "South's Best City". If you are new to the area, thinking about relocating here, or a local that just likes to soak up the praise, read on. 

There is no denying the beauty of The Holy City. From quaint cobblestone streets to stunning Rainbow Row, picturesque views abound. Historic architecture, lush gardens and stunning waterfront vistas are just par for the course around here. 

Speaking of which, Charleston is home to some of the most popular courses in one of the country's most celebrated golfing regions. Augusta National Golf Club hosts The Masters here every year, and there are many more world and nationally-ranked courses. Charleston enjoys favorable weather year round that extends the golf season as well. 

The fabulous Charleston climate is worth expanding on. We're blessed with more than 220 sunny days per year on average. Outdoor activities are enjoyed throughout the year; the coldest months are between 42-60 degrees. Although summers can be hot and humid, the beaches and water-activities make it all pleasurable. 

There is always plenty going on here. Charleston was founded in 1670, and we take pride in showcasing our history. History buffs and novices alike will find inspiration in the plethora of historic sites, landmarks, and museums. 

Although this is by no means an exhaustive list, it would be remiss to leave out Charleston's shopping and dining scene. From the Historic Charleston City Market, to signature top brands and bespoke boutiques, Charleston has endless shopping opportunities. Charleston's vibrant dining scene is world-class. Revel in high-end eateries, outdoor cafes, and seafood fresh from the dock. There is so much to explore.

So here's to you Charleston - congrats on another year as South's Best City!