fightforairlogoSometimes referred to as a vertical road race, Fight For Air Climbs are the American Lung Association's special twist on fundraising. On July 26th Charleston will host a Fight For Air Climb at the North Charleston Coliseum. Individuals and teams choose between the Climb (over 1,500 steps), the Ultra Climb (over 5,000 steps), or the Firefighter Challenge (firefighters climb over 1,500 steps in full gear with the option of on-air or off-air). All funds raised will benefit the American Lung Association. By providing life saving education, research, and advocacy the American Lung Association seeks to beat lung disease and soon find a cure.

Get a group together or head over solo and meet some new friends. You can use the event as a fitness goal, a race, or simply some healthy social do-gooding. Sign up to be part of this amazing event by visiting: Fight For Air Climb