SpolitoEach spring for seventeen days and nights, Charleston is home to Spoleto Festival USA. From May 22nd through June 9th historic theaters, churches, and outdoor spaces will be brimming with performances by renowned artists as well as emerging performers. Offerings will include theater, opera, and dance in addition to symphonic, choral, jazz, and chamber music.

Internationally recognized as America’s premier performing arts festival, Spoleto is committed to showcasing programs of the highest artistic caliber while maintaining a dedication to young artists. The festival embraces a commitment to all forms of the creative arts and a passion of contemporary innovation.

Charleston was chosen in 1977 as the optimal location for Spoleto Festival USA – to be an American counterpart to the annual Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto, Italy. Historic Charleston’s charm and wealth of performance venues provide the perfect fit: intimate enough to captivate the entire city, yet cosmopolitan enough to provide an enthusiastic audience and strong framework.

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